Joho the governor and Mombasa.

Ali Hassan Joho is well known for his political stands and aggressiveness in county 001 and Kenya at large. Despite all what is known of him in the political field, he has gone through a systematic and normal ladder that every successful being has gone through. The mystifying and stylish governor is a successful governor and man of his own. The Kisauni resident by origin, has undergone very itching challenges to achieve what is proudly branded his Swahili name, Ali Hassan.

It started at Tom Mboya primary school where Johos parents started the Joho Ali Hassan investment. He was later admitted to Sarani boys secondary school after completion of his primary education where is proudly claiming to have scored a D-day after the stories trended in social media that he forged the C+ score. Whatever transpired to see him to the University is non of my business. Joho undertook BBA studies at the international university in Kampala marketing choice. Joho was also a Diploma student at Kenya institute of management. Many also should have knowledge that Mombasa governor is a masters degree holder in business administration.

Beside unquestionable record in the public services, Joho has an illustrious career as a business man. Joho is the founder of Prima Pest and Bins limited, a garbage collection company in Mombasa. He is also the founder of M-Tech Kenya limited and East African Terminals. He also undertakes a lot of charity works at his free time. He supports needy members of the society through Hassan Joho foundation, a non profitable organization.

Hassan Joho is married to Madina Joho and they are blessed with four children.

He was elected to represent Kisauni in National Assembly in 2007 through orange Democratic Party. He complained to be elected as Mombasa governor and in 2013 and won the election with over 100000 votes with his running mate at around 90000 votes. He was reelected to the gubernatorial seat in 2017.

Joho has the element of leadership in him. Despite the fact that he went at logger heads with the president Uhuru Kenyatta, he has recently promised to work hand in hand with the national government, Uhuru Kenyatta, for the unity and development of this motherland country Kenya.

He is currently on the verge of transforming Mombasa county to its original beauty. Mombasa is now taking a different shape and form both physical, political and economically. Mombasa residents expects more of primary services from the county government as the unemployment ‘disaster’ still affect the majority, youths.

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